Fostering Homeless Pets

If you’ve adopted a dog or cat from a shelter or rescue you know what a joy they can be!  Before you adopted them however, many people volunteered to care for them.  Many  organizations rely on fosters to house and care for homeless animals until they’re adopted.  Other organizations rely on them to house sick or young dogs, or dogs awaiting transport.  In this interview, Alyssa Emanuelson  from Foster Pet Outreach talks about her experiences as a foster.  She also talks about the process of fostering in the groups she’s volunteered with before.  If you’ve ever been curious about fostering, please have a listen.  If you know someone else who might be considering it, please share.

Just a heads up however, this is my first attempt at an audio post or podcast, so please give me feedback. At the same time though, please be gentle 😉



After listening, ask any questions you might have here or call your local organization.  Then if you can,  get involved!

And don’t forget to go have fun with your own dog too!